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Staffing and Payrolling

Contract Staffing or Temping is a relationship between employer (Client), staffing service provider (SSP) and the employee. During this relationship the SSP assumes the responsibility  for employer obligations related to Recruitment, Payroll, Insurance, Statutory Compliances, employment taxes, etc.
The client and the service provider will sign a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The SSP would coordinate and take the responsibility of personnel on their payroll and abiding by statutory compliance.  These are contractual  assignments for a specific time and can be renewed .  The client has the right to absorb on completion of contract tenure which would attract random hiring fees.
Staffing employees are employed  by SSP and can be sent  to work on specific projects  or on contracts. The shifting of employees is dependant on client needs and requirements.  The SSP is responsible for salary and benefits of staffing employees and in turn receive the payment from the client.

Temping cycle

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