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Legal Consulting & Statutory Guidance

We are establishing a footprint in the legal consulting domain. We provide a wide spectrum of legal services to individuals, domestic and international clients. These include multinational companies and corporate entities. We are associated with a team of professionals including lawyers, property experts, technical experts, CA’s and IT consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements. We are associated with law firms and renowned lawyers over the country. We broadly classify  our services into three categories :

      1. Corporate and Individual Legal Consulting
      2. Statutory Guidance
      3. Individual Check and Background Services

    Corporate and Individual Legal Consulting

    Statutory Guidance

    Individual Check and Background Services

    o Trade Unions and Employment   related litigation

    oDocument management services

    o Complete identification check

    o Disciplinary proceedings

    oPreparation of electronic databases and records

    o Address verification

    o Employees Rights and related benefits

    oElectronic filing of documents & applications

    o Previous employment check

    o Constitutional Rights

    oDocument management services

    o Current employment check

    o Employment and service contracts

    oDrafting of Court pleadings

    o Reference check

    o Labour disputes and Industrial actions

    oGuidance on new setup in various industrial sectors.

    o Education verification

    o Health and safety legislation

    o Criminal background check

    o Collective bargaining

    o Medical history check

    o Voluntary retirement scheme

    o Post employment lifestyle check

    o Law on dismissals

    o Social networking check

    o Provident fund and social security

    o Intelligence testing

    o Reorganization and retrenchment

    o Online check

    o Strikes & lockouts



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