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IT Services and Project Evaluation

Information Technology is one of the most important industries in the Indian economy. The IT industry of India has registered huge growth in recent years. India's T industry grew from 150 million US Dollars in 1990-1991 to a whopping 50 billion UD Dollars in 2006-2007. In the last ten years the Information Technology industry in India has grown at an average annual rate of 30%.

Some of the major reasons for the significant growth of the IT industry of India are -
·  Abundant availability of skilled manpower
·  Reduced telecommunication and internet costs
·  Reduced import duties on software and hardware products
·  Cost advantages
·  Encouraging government policies

·  India's IT industry caters to both domestic and export markets. Exports contribute around 75% of the total revenue of the IT industry in India. The IT industry can be broadly divided into four segments -
·  IT services
·  Softwares (includes both engineering and Research and Development)
·  Hardware

The industry structure in the IT sector has four major categories. These are -
·  IT services
·  IT enabled services
·  Software products
·  Hardware

IT services

IT services constitute a major part of the IT industry of India. IT services include client, server and web based services. Opportunities in the IT services sector exist in the areas of consulting services, management services, internet services and application maintenance. The major users of IT services are -
·  Government
·  Banking
·  Financial services
·  Retail and distribution
·  Manufacturing


IT enabled services

The services which make extensive use of information and telecommunication technologies are categorized as IT enabled services. The IT enabled services is the most important contributor to the growth of the IT industry of India. Some of the important services covered by the ITES sector in India are -
·  Customer-interaction services including call-centers
·  Back-office services
·  Revenue accounting
·  Data entry and data conversion
·  HR services
·  Transcription and translation services
·  Content development and animation
·  Remote education,
·  Data search
·  GIS
·  Market research
·  Network consultancy

Software products

Software products are among the most highly exported products from India. The software industry in India originated in the 1970s and grew at a significant pace in the last ten years. Between 1996-1997 and 2002-2003, the Indian software industry grew more than five times from 2630 crores to 13200 crores. During the same period software and service exports from India grew by almost twelve times.


The hardware sector of the It industry focuses on the manufacturing and assembling of computer hardware. The consumption of computer hardware is high in the domestic market. Due to the rise in the number of IT companies, sales of desktops, laptops, servers, routers, etc have been on the rise in recent years. Many domestic and multi-national; companies have invested in the computer hardware market in India.

Another categorization in the structure of India's IT industry is related to the market. There are two major market classifications - the domestic market and the export market. The export market, dominates the IT industry accounting for 75% of the revenue.

The size of the IT industry grew consistently during the period - 1995-2000

1995-1996 - 1224 million US Dollars
1996-1997 - 1755 million US Dollars
1997-1998 - 2670 million US Dollars
1998-1999 - 3900 million US Dollars
1999- 2000 - 5700 million US Dollars
2000-2001 - 8750 million US Dollars
According to the NASSCOM- McKinsey report on the IT industry of India, the projected revenue of the IT industry of India for the year 2008 is 87 billion US Dollars. The projected exports or the year 2008, accord to this report, is 50 billion US Dollars.


Some of the important aspects of the NASSCOM- McKinsey report related to the size of India's IT industry are -
·  There is potential of 2.2 million people being employed in the IT industry of India by the end of 2008.
·  Contribution of software and services to the total GDP of India will be more than 7.5%.
·  FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of 4.5 billion US Dollars expected in the IT industry by the end of 2008.
·  35% of total exports from India will be from IT exports.
·  225 billion US Dollars worth of market capitalization from IT shares.

Our Role:

In the fast growing and changing scenario for IT, we offer a set of services that save time and efforts of an individual or an organization. We offer the following:

  • Technical induction
  • Equipment and vendor consulting
  • Technical advisory and consulting
  • Infrastructure – IT Infrastructure
  • Upgradation
  • After Development Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Software Development
  • IT Facility Management


We offer project evaluation services that includes market analysis and technological tie-up for various projects.

* We select the most suitable Projects sites.
* We identify the potential market
* Evaluation and selection of appropriate technology.
* Cost evaluation of Projects
* Adoption of technology as per local need.

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